Ubud, Bali

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Everyone knows Ubud. It’s where Julia Robert falls in love with Javier Bardem and dumps James Franco for him in Eat Pray Love. It’s about an hour away from the coast, so unlike anywhere else in Bali you don’t come here for surfing. I came to Ubud for the rice paddies, vegan food and yoga.


The bus kicked me out on the side of street and I still needed a place to stay. Wandering around Ubud, I ran into a lovely German couple and we eventually found an amazing homestay together. It was a little oasis in the jungle and every morning they served delicious banana pancakes to your private balcony. Check it out – all of this for 9 euros a night!




The guests always chilled together by the pool, which was kinda nice. There was an American guy who came back to this home stay every single year and could tell me all about Ubud’s best yoga places. I went to Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga once but the humidity of 90% killed me! Especially when upside down – I thought my head was gonna burst. Instead, I went hiking, rafting and exploring with this English guy who had just come back from the Fijis. 
IMG_0887 IMG_0890 IMG_0894 IMG_0899

Monkey Forest Ubud.

IMG_0901 IMG_0900 IMG_0904 IMG_0905 IMG_0907Monkey Graveyard.
IMG_0881Skyping my parents at Starbucks. They were travelling around South Africa at the same time. And my sister was in Mexico with her boyfriend. We had nothing but iPhones on us – God bless technology. Our family whats app group literally had the best combination of travel photos at that time.IMG_0949 Writing postcards.IMG_3963 IMG_0917 IMG_0934 IMG_0937 IMG_0938 IMG_0942 IMG_3964 IMG_3972 IMG_3981 IMG_3985 IMG_3988 My idea of The Burrow from Harry Potter.IMG_3990 IMG_3991 Sari Organik in the middle of the rice paddies. It’s the best vegan food you can find in Ubud with only homegrown ingredients.IMG_3997 IMG_0879 IMG_4003 IMG_0870 IMG_4007 IMG_4017 Lotus Temple, Ubud.IMG_4019 IMG_4037 IMG_4051 IMG_4065 IMG_4066

my dads 30 year old batik shirt from his bali trip

This is my Dad’s old batik shirt which he bought on his Bali trip 30 years ago. He lay it on my bed and told me to take it with me before I left. 

IMG_4072 IMG_4076 Road Trip to Mount Batur. I should’ve not gotten on the back of R.’s motorbike, he was such a bad driver. We even got stopped by the police twice, but hey, I made it home in one piece.IMG_4079 IMG_4080 IMG_4081 IMG_4086 IMG_4100IMG_4101 Serenading in the middle of nowhere, as you do.  


The weather at the bottom of the volcano Mt. Batur was bad when we arrived . There was no way we could hike to the top – especially now that I couldn’t trust R. and his judgment anymore. That boy was a little too self-confident for his own good. Either way, we made the right decision because 30 minutes later we got caught in a massive thunderstorm. Later the sky cleared up when we were about to leave, classic. At least we had a nice view on our way home.

IMG_4109 IMG_4118 lotus temple

IMG_0960Ubud, 5am, waiting for my bus. With this kinda humidity even my hair gets real frizzy. I couldn’t take this heat any longer, I needed to get back to the seaside and feel a fresh breeze in my face. 

IMG_0962IMG_4067Adios Ubud. Next stop – Lombok!

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