3 weeks in Patagonia


Buenos Aires – El Calafate – El Chalten – Los Glaciares National Park – Laguna Capri – Poincenot – Laguna de los Tres – Laguna Madre y Hija – Laguna Torre – Loma del Pliegue Tumbado – Perito Moreno – Torres del Paine – Lago Pehoe – Los Cuernos – Puerto Natales – Estrecho de Magellanes – Tierra del Fuego – Ushuaia – Buenos Aires

21 days of exploring, thousands of guanacos spotted, hundreds of photographs taken, countless hours spent on the road, several kilometers of breathtaking trekking, heaps of mind-blowing views, eleven wonderful people I’ll never forget, eight extraordinary days without electricity, four pumas seen in wildlife, two aching legs, the purest blue I’ve ever seen, one happy soul.

IMG_9585IMG_9751IMG_9635IMG_0354IMG_9825IMG_9406IMG_9659IMG_0260IMG_9851IMG_9621IMG_0075IMG_9181IMG_0015IMG_9297IMG_9967IMG_9700IMG_9395IMG_0539Sur2016CanonS60 125-2IMG_9169IMG_9646IMG_9796IMG_9151IMG_9233IMG_9195IMG_9509IMG_9616IMG_9184IMG_9672IMG_9938IMG_9156IMG_0048IMG_0101IMG_9086IMG_9965IMG_9573IMG_0175IMG_9052IMG_9821IMG_9936IMG_9027IMG_0424IMG_8843IMG_8989IMG_9885IMG_9816IMG_0611IMG_8916IMG_9358IMG_8847IMG_0291IMG_8838IMG_9779IMG_0012IMG_9723IMG_8792IMG_0176IMG_8888IMG_0284IMG_0385IMG_9045IMG_9251IMG_0228IMG_0211IMG_0125IMG_0003IMG_0018IMG_0622IMG_9843

4 thoughts on “3 weeks in Patagonia”

  1. Amira 🌹 says:

    Liebe Magi …
    Ich mag schöne Fotos …
    Aber die sind wünderschon ❤️🌹

  2. These photos are really incredible! Patagonia is such a magical place and I’m very jealous of how much blue sky you were able to find. Thanks for sharing!

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