Sundays in New York

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On our way back home, we had a 12+ hour layover in New York City – oh boy, it was cold. Having come from a tropical country and a little beach holiday in Tulum, we certainly were not prepared for the sub-zero temperatures and the painful wind in NY. We landed at 5am at Newark, jumped in an Uber to drop our stuff off at a hotel (“Bonvoy sincerely values your loyalty Miss Kupfersberger”) and headed for the Charging Bull. From there, we battled our way through the icy metropolis… and who would’ve thought – Sunday actually was the perfect day to get some speed-sightseeing done. From Brooklyn, to Central Park, to Times Square, Broadway and the Flat Iron… and all the pretty bridges and all the concrete canyons in-between… we managed to fit it all in. New York on a Sunday had quite a charming atmosphere, and with plenty of coffee stops to keep us warm along the way, we really made the most of our layover! 2 things quite easily became my highlight of our trip: the view of Manhattan Bridge from Dumbo and the quick’n’dirty egg sandwich that saved me from freezing to death.

Utterly exhausted and not even remotely looking forward to the next leg of our Mexico-Guatemala-Antigua-Guatemela-New York-Vienna homebound journey, we headed back to Newark.

Always a pleasure, New York!

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