20 photos proving Mango Bay in Phu Quoc is one of Asia’s best kept secrets

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Having just spent a beach holiday in Tulum, I was shocked by the price level not just for hotels but the whole “experience”. A Conde Nast article the other day described the whole Tulum bonanza quite fittingly: “Remember the times when you did not need a $300 kaftan and a $100 sound healing session to fit in Tulum? Yeah, neither do we”. Granted, the Mexican Riviera and its beaches are one of a kind – but how people pay $600 upwards for the “normal rooms, but breakfast excluded” is beyond my comprehension.

Which made me think of a little place called Mango Bay in Phu Quoc, Vietnam. 5 star hotel. 5++ service. 5+++ food. 5++++ sunsets. $50 a night. With beaches like Phu Quoc (or Tulum for that matter), who needs to play see-and-to-be-seen games in exclusive beach clubs , fall asleep in ridiculously expensive breath clearing sessions, have a team of staff manicuring the palm trees? Exactly. No one.

And this, my friends, is why Asia will forever stay my number one go-to destination. Mango Bay is one of Asia’s best kept secrets, and here are 20 photos of proof.

Fresh mangos for breakfast, pad Thai for lunch, cold papaya salad for dinner, with smoothies and cocktails all day. For literally (almost) nothing.

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