Driving along the Syrian border

I learned a lot during my ten days in Lebanon. In hardly any corner of the world it is more interesting to see how culture, politics, religion and language define a people. How a country unites as well as tears apart over these issues. The people are so proud […]

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Lebanese Snapshots

This post is a collection of random snapshots I took during my time in Lebanon. Momentaufnahmen is how I like refer to them. Many were taken from the car, some are blurry, some are wanky, none of them edited. I’m finding it very difficult to put […]

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Lebanon – the melting pot for everything

After an intense day of sightseeing in Beiteddine, my second day in Lebanon was very relaxed with a bit of beach and a bit of culture. We took the car up North from Beirut, along the seaside road until we reached the many beach clubs of Batroun. There is a very […]


Welcome to Lebanon!

Two of my best friends in London are twins, a boy and a girl, originally from Beirut. My engineering crew had been talking about a trip to Lebanon for a while. But as always, talks hardly ever turn into plans with people as busy as […]


The hills are alive

Second year of uni flew by at a terrifying speed and before we knew it, exam time was upon us. After our trip to Lisbon, we knew we’d return to a London where everyone was knee deep in work and no one had time for social stuff anymore. […]


Malaysian Memories

This trip happened a long long time ago. It was the summer that we graduated from school and I just can’t get my head around the fact that that’s almost three years ago. After lots of parties in London, hopping around European capitals, relaxing days in […]

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Sightseeing in Lisbon

We quickly established a wake up routine in Lisbon: a big mug of coffee on our sunny balcony followed by a quick run to the nearest bakery to get about 12 pastels de nata. The more I’ve been looking through my Portugal photos, the more […]

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First Impressions of Lisbon

So I just came back from five wonderful sunny days in Lisbon. Our short but sweet holidays came exactly at the right time of year – we were all sick of university, courseworks seemed relatively relaxed and London was cold and windy. There was nothing […]


Swiss Adventures

A good friend of mine just started a blog (bohemianblackbird.wordpress.com go check it out) and it’s all about how lucky we are to have such a wonderful life filled with adventures, travelling, neuer Bekanntschaften and doing what we love. He just published his first post from Dubai […]

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The Velodrome

This is just a little post filled with architecture and a ridiculous sunset. The second year of my degree has been very un-stimulating so far, but Chris Wise is one of the few professors who makes me wanna stay in Civil Engineering and reminds me of why I […]

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Fieldtrip to Dorset

Most of you probably don’t know that I study Civil Engineering. I’m not sure whether this makes me super lame or interesting cool. I personally haven’t even made up my mind yet whether to find engineering cool or not. But modules like soils, fluid mechanics or structures make me think less […]

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Frequency Festival 2014

5 days in St. Pölten, Austria, with the best bunch of people I’ve known for over 10 years. Awful weather, muddy boots & muddy everything. Taking showers in the river. Mice in our tents, disgusting food, lots of booze and lots of selfies. If you’re looking […]

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Italian Photo Safari

We took the Land Rover for a little fun ride and went on a golden-hour-landscape-photo-safari. 1000 year old olive orchards.   The towers of Siena and a hazy sunset.    Day trip to the enchanted woods of Bommarzo.

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Black and Whites from Italy

Almost every photo I took in Tuscany was dipped into this amazing golden light. Which of course makes it fun and easy to photograph, but there’s only that many pictures of landscapes and sunsets before you get bored of it. So I decided to, every now and […]

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Roadtrippin through Tuscany

Pienza, Siena, Buonconvento, Montepulciano, Montealcino, Florence… the list of beautiful cities and villages to visit is endless. We’ve got our few favourite spots that we go to every single summer, like this one restaurant in Pienza with the best Pici with wild boar ragout – one […]

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Sunrise Over Tuscany

Tuscany is probably the most photogenic place I’ve ever been to. You basically can’t take a bad photograph. My sister and me love to sleep with our windows wide open as there is absolutely no noise or light coming from the outside, nothing but fresh […]

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La Dolce Vita – Toscana 2014

My family spends almost every summer in Tuscany. It’s the most beautiful and relaxing holiday and it’s kind of everyone’s highlight of summer. Our days in Tuscany are all about time for family & friends but also time for yourself. It’s as if time stands still in this lonely […]

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Wiedermal Berlin

I just came back from a weekend in Berlin where I met some good old friends from my time in boarding school in Germany. Everyone of us has spread their wings and we are now all over the place, from Mongolia to Sweden, London to Berlin. My ex-roommate also […]

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