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Lebanon – the melting pot for everything

After an intense day of sightseeing in Beiteddine, my second day in Lebanon was very relaxed with a bit of beach and a bit of culture. We took the car up North from Beirut, along the seaside road until we reached the many beach clubs of Batroun. There is a very […]


Malaysian Memories

This trip happened a long long time ago. It was the summer that we graduated from school and I just can’t get my head around the fact that that’s almost three years ago. After lots of parties in London, hopping around European capitals, relaxing days in […]

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Black and Whites from Italy

Almost every photo I took in Tuscany was dipped into this amazing golden light. Which of course makes it fun and easy to photograph, but there’s only that many pictures of landscapes and sunsets before you get bored of it. So I decided to, every now and […]

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Roadtrippin through Tuscany

Pienza, Siena, Buonconvento, Montepulciano, Montealcino, Florence… the list of beautiful cities and villages to visit is endless. We’ve got our few favourite spots that we go to every single summer, like this one restaurant in Pienza with the best Pici with wild boar ragout – one […]

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Sunrise Over Tuscany

Tuscany is probably the most photogenic place I’ve ever been to. You basically can’t take a bad photograph. My sister and me love to sleep with our windows wide open as there is absolutely no noise or light coming from the outside, nothing but fresh […]

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La Dolce Vita – Toscana 2014

My family spends almost every summer in Tuscany. It’s the most beautiful and relaxing holiday and it’s kind of everyone’s highlight of summer. Our days in Tuscany are all about time for family & friends but also time for yourself. It’s as if time stands still in this lonely […]

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Lombok, Indonesia

Indonesia comprises more than 13,000 islands and Lombok is one of them. It is close to Bali and also similar in size, but it is nowhere near as touristy as Bali. Bali is crowded & busy, every single piece of free land is used for bars, […]

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Chinese Food Markets

This post is generally gross and revolting. S. and me had countless experiences, which left us in shock and disgust. And these food markets were quite something… I feel like there’s nothing we haven’t seen in China. Kids peeing and pooing in public, a puddle of blood on the bus, a […]

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Shanghai Photo Diary

I initially started this blog to share my many photos of the places I’ve visited, people I’ve met and adventures I’ve had during my gap year with friends and family back home. But I don’t have this one place I call home. And friends and […]

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